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Our Philosophy

Throughout our careers we have all too often seen experts that are not valued for their contributions. Partly because of their lack of social skills, but often because management simply lacks skill to put these people in the right conditions for success. In all cases, both management and experts are not happy. As a result, top experts leave and join competitors. Mostly initiated by the experts themselves, often on demand of management.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide experts with the guts, gain and glory to have a sustainable impact. We love experts and do business with a human touch. We are all driven by increasing business performance and enabling happiness.

Through our Expertized! brand we seek connection with each other, people with the same interest: learning new things, hungry for change and the need to create together.

Together, we can grow!

From a quick scan to full implementation support

After a Quick Scan to map your current expert value, we'll identify opportunities for more value creation.  Then we'll help with the solution design. Our clients often ask us to help with full implementation support. 

We'd gladly explain how we work and what we can do for your company.

Talk to us

Interested in results? Contact us and we will make your time count.

Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson

email: michael@expertized.nl
phone: +31 (06) 4101 5061


Lonneke Frie
Lonneke Frie

email: lonneke@expertized.nl
phone: +31 (06) 2409 7385


Jan Valcke
Jan Valcke

email: jan@expertized.nl
phone: +31 (06) 3066 8640


Logo Expertized
  • More than 20 years of expertise in building organisations 
  • Capabilities and expert development based on state of the art scientific research
  • International experience and programmes rolled out in eg.:
    China, the Middle East, USA, Brazil and most of the European countries
  • An international network of consultants with experience in
    IT/IS, Engineering, Pharma, FMCG and Finance
  • Services in German, French, English and Dutch

email: info@expertized.nl
phone: +31 10 236 35 12

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